Sunday, 27 July 2014

Clinicea Reviews – comprehensive clinic management software

While searching for “best software for doctors” the top results include Clinicea. Here this Clinicea reviews includes all the features – good and bad. The first thing this medical software claims is – a complete EMR (Electronic medical Records) for clinics. When it says complete – it means following features clinicea (A clinic management application).

1. Executive Medical Summary

Doctors can create a single page Medical Summary, as per his preferences. This shows the patient’s past treatment history, family medical trends, current medical status and treatment and investigations, at a glance.

2. Exhaustive

Simple (supported by specialists) and configurable EMR controls, which are flexible and can be modified, according to the doctor’s preferences and specialty. If you feel difficulty, then ask for support, they will do the customization for you.

3. Follow-up Visits

It’s an intelligent and helpful application to manage recalls and follow-ups. Sends a confirmation message to your patients and reminds him on the day of appointment. But, you have to be ready with your preparations as well.

4. Write Prescriptions

You can select impressive layouts for your prescriptions and include the various important details – complaints, investigations, observations and medicine with doses, in it. While doing this clinicea review, we also went through many prescription writing software. We will publish our review of prescription writing application in coming posts.

5. Lab reporting

This EMR application more than just showing the data. Its analyses the report and presents in a decision making format, so that you need not to fight with words like – should be, should not be. May be etc..

 6. Preventive Health Reminders

Once Clinicea is st fr the task, it search for due checkups, recalls patients and create appointments for you. It presents a brief of all the due health checkups, once the patient comes to you. In our review of clinicea, we take this feature as best one. You must be feeling like a king. Isn’t it?

7. Integrated Pharmacy & Inventory

Once a doctor issues a prescription, a copy is sent to the pharmacy department receives a copy in real-time. With an integrated system, at pharmacist end, a bill is generated and adjustment is made in inventory – everything is done in just one click.

8. Imaging on the cloud

Here, the applications claims to be more advanced than other competitors. The mages of any format can be annotated, marked and attached with patient’s record and also be uploaded to access anytime.

Want to compare this applications with industry norms?

Versions a price of Clinicea
Power – INR 999.00
Premium – INR – 1999.00
Enterprise – INR – 2999.00

Company: Technolarity Private Limited
System Requirement: Mac OS X, Windows XP and higher
Internet Speed: 1Mbps
Browser: Chrome only

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Easy clinic management - Prescription writer or Rx writer software

Rx writing software or prescription writing software for doctors has been proved very useful for both doctors and patients. People sometimes ask me, why a doctor needs such a software when he can write observations and medicines on prescription pads. How prescription writing software is helpful for doctors, patients and medical students?

If you too have such a query then here are some facts to answer your questions.

According to The New York Times wrong medication or drug side effects harms about 1.9 million people in US which caused lost wages, productivity and also the extra health care expenses of about $3.5 billion. When researched it was found that in about 60% of the cases, patients got either wrong drug (due to poor readability of prescription) or side effects of drugs taken without considering allergy and drug interactions. Most of these drugs include pain relievers, cancer drugs and BP medicines.

Although noted and published only in US but, the story runs all over the World especially in India, Sri lanka, UK and Australia.

If we see another face of the coin then we will find that situation is critical for doctors too. They get jailed, fined and sometimes even banned due to patient’s death.

Imagine this scenario
A mother takes her 8 years old child- a cancer patient to a very busy oncology clinic for chemotherapy treatment. The doctor writes for the chemotherapy drug but, due to unclear handwriting it is difficult to read where the decimal point is, on the prescription pad: is that 0.10 or 1.0? The assistant is too new nurse to decide so she asks senior nurse to help, since the doctor is too busy with an overflowing list of patients so, they take 1.0 as final. Incidentally, the hospital has just moved on to new infusion pump and all the staff are too new to handle it accurately. The assistant unintentionally enters a dose of 10.0. The poor child ends up receiving 100 times the prescribed dosage and passes away before the error is identified.

Whose fault is there? Who is to blame? Should each be accountable for this miss happening?

A committee, in USA suggested the government to develop a fool proof communication system between Doctors, Patients and Chemists. Finally, keeping all such scenario in mind, software called PrescriptionPad, is developed to help every person related with medicines whether he is a doctor or a patient or a learning medical student.

The PrescriptionPad assists doctors to keep patients details always with them. It guides physician and patients about wrong drug interactions with a huge list of brands. The best part of this application is – it avoids reading errors and warns about side effects and wrong brand interactions, in advance.

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